Program Information

Primarily designed for junior hospitalists pursuing academic careers, the Academy is an ideal learning resource for experienced hospitalists transitioning to academic medicine, or seeking to:

  • Learn how to be effective teachers
  • Understand the process necessary to create and disseminate scholarly work
  • Become aware of the basics of promotion within an academic institution
  • Ascertain the skills necessary to be an asset to their academic institution
  • Engage the skills necessary to actively participate in a mentor-mentee relationship
  • Understand the business drivers of healthcare
  • Learn the basics of quality improvement and patient safety

Why Attend AHA?

The Academic Hospitalist Academy (AHA) aims to address the non-clinical competencies that academic hospitalists engage in, supporting the education and professional development skills contributing to success and job fulfillment.

Shradha Kulkarni et al. illustrate the Characteristics, satisfiers, development needs, and barriers to success for early-career academic hospitalists using data from AHA Level 1 alumni from 2009-2019.

What to Expect

Academic Hospitalist Academy attendees will join an interactive learning environment featuring didactics, small-group exercises and skill-building breakout sessions. Each full day of learning will be facilitated by leading clinician-educators, hospitalist-researchers and clinical administrators in a 1-to-10 faculty-to-student ratio.

Meals during the meeting are included in the registration fee and provide additional networking opportunities for building networks with faculty and colleagues alike.

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