Program Information

November 17-19, 2021 | Virtual

AHA Level 2 is designed for mid-career academic hospitalists, who are previous AHA attendees, or who are 4-7 years into their careers as academic hospitalists. After several years of practice, many academic hospitalists have developed specific interests in areas of administration, education, research, or quality improvement. This program aims to meet the needs of academic hospitalists, addressing topics critical to all mid-career academics.

No prerequisite required!

Course Objectives

Overall Objectives

  • Attendees will identify and learn the skills necessary in academic hospital medicine to advance their career to the next level, regardless of specific areas of interest.
  • Attendees will be able to identify resources and techniques to continue to build their skills as their career progresses.
  • Attendees will learn how to identify and pursue a scholarly niche.

Scholarship / QI / Research

  • Attendees will be able to identify projects in areas that match their career development needs, personal goals, and institutional drivers.
  • Attendees will be introduced to the peer-review process.
  • Attendees will identify venues to disseminate scholarly work.
  • Attendees will learn ways to enhance their local, regional, and national reputation.

Medical Education

*While the focus of AHA Level 2 will be on other domains this year, we recognize that hospitalists may have unique challenges as ward attendings, particularly at community sites and during competing needs of the pandemic.

  • Attendees will advance skills in maximizing effectiveness as an inpatient ward attending.
  • Develop skills to be an effective mentor and sponsor for trainees.
  • Understand the impact of burnout on trainees and ways to mitigate the impact.


  • Attendees will explore the many facets of navigating career transitions.
  • Attendees will understand how to optimize personal leadership styles and organizational strategies to maximize effectiveness.
  • Attendees will learn negotiation strategies for self and others, with a focus on specific needs of individuals underrepresented in medicine.
  • Attendees will learn change management strategies that are effective in an academic environment.
  • Attendees will distinguish between mentorship, sponsorship and coaching and how to effectively use these skills to advance the careers of junior faculty and create diverse, equitable and inclusive environments.

What to Expect

The virtual conference will take place over three half-days, from November 17 – 19, 2021. Small interactive sessions will be hosted each day to encourage engaged learning and connectivity. The ability for attendees to meet and network with one another has remained a critical component of AHA and will remain at the forefront of AHA’s planning and structure.


Longitudinal Engagement

Following AHA 2, attendees will have the option to participate in a longitudinal coaching program. AHA 2 faculty will be scheduled throughout the year to discuss academic projects, career questions, and more. For attendees that plan to attend SHM’s or SGIM’s annual conference, there will also be an opportunity for faculty and attendees to meet in person.

“Thank you all so much for an eye-opening and motivational experience. I have never been more inspired or excited about the possibilities that lay ahead for me in my career! I have already very emphatically recommended this academy to two of my peers and that was before my plane landed home!”
“Coming to this conference was one of the best decisions I’ve made since becoming a hospitalist.”
“Even though I have been an academic hospitalist for 10 years, I still found almost every piece of information presented useful and helpful. I think all young academic faculty in hospitalist programs should come!”
” I have had several successes in the academic realm that I believe I owe in large part to some of the things I learned at the Academy. Specifically, I have had an abstract accepted for a poster at SHM, won a grant for a new medical student curriculum, delivered an extremely well-received grand rounds presentation, and have secured 20% protected time for medical education pursuits.”
“I came away energized and motivated to jump right into my scholarly work, as well as to make some important improvements in my teaching. The Academy faculty were universally excellent, and the structure and content of the entire conference was superb.”
“What really set this conference apart for me was the small size and faculty—what commitment and enthusiasm! Thank you for giving me very specific tools/advice to improve my teaching.”
“I found the Academy enormously helpful in setting goals for myself, including some that hadn’t even occurred to me previously.”
“It completely changed my perspective towards my career and I returned home quite energized and focused.”
“…broadened how I perceive professional growth.”
“…Opened my mind to new venues for professional growth. I look forward to the follow up syncs we have in the coming months to hold me accountable…”
“…I found the experience transformative. I was touched by each speaker’s willingness to share their deeply personal experiences with us…”
“This conference was one of the best I have ever attended. Fantastic practical strategies were presented, allotted time for reflection allowed me to focus on my career plan, and it was an incredible networking environment.”

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