Program Information

AHA Level 2 is designed for mid-career academic hospitalists. After 5-8 years of practice, many academic hospitalists have developed specific interests in areas of administration, education, research, or quality improvement. This program aims to meet the needs of academic hospitalists, addressing topics critical to all mid-career academics.

No prerequisite required!

Course Objectives

  • Attendees will identify and learn the skills necessary in academic hospital medicine to advance their career to the next level, regardless of specific areas of interest.

  • Attendees will understand the business and cultural landscape of academic healthcare systems and how to leverage that knowledge to advance interests.

  • Attendees will be able to identify resources and techniques to continue to build their skills as their careers progress.

  • Attendees will learn how to identify and pursue a scholarly niche.

  • All attendees will create an individualized career development plan.

What to Expect

AHA Level 2 attendees will join an interactive learning environment featuring didactics, small-group exercises and skill-building breakout sessions. Each full day of learning will be facilitated by leading clinician-educators, hospitalist-researchers and clinical administrators in a 1-to-10 faculty-to-student ratio. Network with attendees and faculty from both AHA Level 1 and 2 courses.

Meals during the meeting are included in the registration fee and provide additional networking opportunities for building networks with faculty and colleagues alike.

“Without a doubt, this was by far the best meeting I ever attended as the small size and the close interaction with the faculty provided the greatest opportunity to learn and grow. In addition to my 1 and 5 year goals, I know have a life goal to become the best teacher and clinician possible with you guys as my role model and change the world around me for the better like Jeff Wiese talked about.”
“Thank you all so much for an eye-opening and motivational experience. I have never been more inspired or excited about the possibilities that lay ahead for me in my career! I have already very emphatically recommended this academy to two of my peers and that was before my plane landed home!”
“Coming to this conference was one of the best decisions I’ve made since becoming a hospitalist.”
“Even though I have been an academic hospitalist for 10 years, I still found almost every piece of information presented useful and helpful. I think all young academic faculty in hospitalist programs should come!”
“This conference was transformational. It helped me see the immense number of opportunities I have within my institution. Thank you for the great experience.”
” I have had several successes in the academic realm that I believe I owe in large part to some of the things I learned at the Academy. Specifically, I have had an abstract accepted for a poster at SHM, won a grant for a new medical student curriculum, delivered an extremely well-received grand rounds presentation, and have secured 20% protected time for medical education pursuits.”
“The Academic Hospitalist Academy is an enormous value for academic hospitalists, as well as their division chiefs and hospital administrators. It empowers junior faculty to see the road to professional advancement and meaningful organizational contribution.”
“I came away energized and motivated to jump right into my scholarly work, as well as to make some important improvements in my teaching. The Academy faculty were universally excellent, and the structure and content of the entire conference was superb.”
“What really set this conference apart for me was the small size and faculty—what commitment and enthusiasm! Thank you for giving me very specific tools/advice to improve my teaching.”
“I found the Academy enormously helpful in setting goals for myself, including some that hadn’t even occurred to me previously.”
“What I initially thought was a little bit pricey turned out to be an absolute bargain! All the faculty should be commended again for their efforts.”
“It completely changed my perspective towards my career and I returned home quite energized and focused.”

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